IBA Member's Media Sharing Site - Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

This library of media, relating to BodyTalk or other IBA coursework and practice, is designed for the use of any IBA Member in promoting the IBA, its curriculum or their own practices. It is not intended to be used for any other purposes. It is assumed that any image placed into this library may be used, without attribution, by any other member for the purposes cited. Hence it is also assumed that the producer and the subjects have approved its placement on this site. Before you upload or download an image on this site, please read and acknowledge the following rules carefully. Through these standards, we hope to ensure that this service to the IBA Membership is both well used and used well.

Media Uploaded to the Site

For any media you upload to the site you agree that:

  1. You are the photographer or producer who took the photos or created the images you post on this site OR you have the express permission from the photographer who took these photos or producer who produced the media, to post them on this site.
  2. The subject(s) in this media do not object to the use of their images for these purposes.
  3. You certify that the media you upload is honest and in good taste.
  4. You grant your permission for the IBA and IBA Members to download this media for their own IBA-related business promotions.
  5. The IBA reserves the right to delete any media for any reason without notice.

Photos/Images Downloaded from the Site

For the media you download from the site you agree that:

  1. You are an IBA Member in good standing.
  2. You understand that this media may only be used to promote IBA products, coursework or practices.
  3. These photos/images may be cropped, but not manipulated in other ways to distort the image.
  4. These video or audio files will not be edited or manipulated to change their content or meaning in any way.
  5. To use this media honestly, legally and in good taste.

Any questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions should be fowarded to: legal@bodytalksystem.com